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Ready to build Your Living Legacy?!

But not sure where or how to get started? It's all good...

Join me on the 1-1 journey to create your personal playbook for your living, thriving legacy!

Limited availability - final tier of early bird campaign prices for the

"Your Living Legacy" astrocoaching growth program

valid until  June 30th or until booked out!


Work with me

I'm an astrologer and coach. I love Mother Earth and humanity deeply, and want to invest my energy to grow into a worthy guardian for life, and help others do the same. 

Inner Compass services focus on bringing light to the shadows, understanding who we truly are, what we're here to create, what roots we are building on and with whom. 

That includes 

  • building consciousness, acceptance and love for your unique self with all of its parts, patterns, and processes;

  • gaining clarity and direction for your unique purpose in this life; and

  • understanding your ancestral roots and family dynamics to be able to flourish in your current relationships and creations.


It's all about relationships. Starting with yourself. 

My way of working combines astronomical astrology and coaching: working with our inner feminine insight combined with our inner masculine structures and action steps to support you towards your dream life and legacy. My services include

  • Birth charts & current life timings done in the true sky astrology system

  • Synastry within couples and families

  • Specialized packages like the "Your family's legacy, your story" process


My services

Birth chart reading
+ current life timings

Each of us is a unique composition of energies. Astrology can help us become more conscious of what is within us, help understand and accept yourself with all of your parts and make the most of your journey. Click below to read more.

Synastry consultation

This reading examines the interplay of energies between two people, e.g. romantic or business partners, child and parent, other family members or friends. The topics of conversation can include

✅ ways of communicating and acting together

✅ understanding and coordinating of needs and motivations

✅ your roles within a relationship and other repeating models of behavior and thought

✅ the resources and growth paths that your relationships provides for each of you

✅ the challenges and opportunities that your relationship activates for each of you.

"Your family's legacy
- your story"
astrological consultation series

Do the echoes of past generations have a restrictive impact on your life today?

Welcome to a healing deep dive into your roots - the birth charts of you and your relatives! Own your story: rebirth the legacy of your ancestors into the vision for your and your family’s future!

  Get the whole 1-1 journey into your roots  
starting at 555 EUR!

Final tier of early bird campaign prices valid until June 30, 2024 or until booked out!  

Your Living Legacy
astrocoaching growth program

Astrology is a powerful tool for gaining insight about the self, and coaching a great way to ensure those insights get put into practice towards creating a life in alignment with your fullest potential. I work with your birth chart as the basis for your coaching process, so you won't get coaching any more personalized than this!

Join me to create your personal playbook for your living, thriving legacy!

  Join me for the 1-1 growth journey
into your legacy  
starting at 555 EUR!

Early bird campaign prices valid until June 30, 2024 or until booked out!  

Have a specific request? Reach out to me at with your idea!

How others have benefited

My sessions with Saila were incredibly insightful of the energies that are present in my life. After the sessions, I met myself with more self-compassion, an increased level of self-awareness and an understanding of my own growth and comfort areas in life. Saila is an incredibly talented communicator, she is a light on this planet, and this reflects in her way of working to support your growth. I can warm-heartedly recommend her services - they are fun and deep at the same time. ❤️


Free self-coaching workbook as a thank you gift to newsletter subscribers!

Strengthen your own life force through the elements and astrological signs

new free handout mockup 1 for website EN.png

How alive are the elements within you? How is your unique mix of elements and astrological energies (signs) coming to life? Is there something you want more of, something you want less of?


The self-coaching workbook helps you reflect on your life force through balancing out the elements within:

  • Is your inner fire & motivation burning strong?

  • Is your inner earth - life’s practical realities - set up to support your creational energies?

  • Is your inner air - your mental capacity and social skills - flowing freely?

  • Is also your inner water - your emotions and intuition - flowing to bring you connection and wisdom beyond the rational mind?

  • Are you connected to your inner aether - that elixir of life - to heal and transcend repeating cycles and limiting patters?


Wishing you insightful, strengthening, balancing moments with yourself,


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What is astrology, specifically astronomical astrology, and what is it good for? 

For me, astrology is the most intricate, complex, holistic, fascinating and ultimately damn useful lens (that I’ve come across) to understand what makes us tick and how to harness the mix of energies at play in our lives. It can provide general insight into one’s self, one's patterns and programming, or a specific theme in life.


People often assume ‘horoscopes’ (a pop culture interpretation of Sun sign astrology) is what astrology is. However, Sun signs are one of dozens or even hundreds of parts that comprise our birth charts - which are complex and unique webs of energies. Astrology interprets how those webs of energies may best be put to use in our lives. This is not about predicting events, but about understanding archetypal themes that are at play cyclically. Free choice on how to live our lives is always present and interpretations are created together with the client who is the highest expert on their own lives. Astrology is an art and no two consultations are ever identical.


I initially learned astrology through Kirsi Halla-Seppälä’s Soul’s Map (’Sielunkartta’ in Finnish) training, as a way to interpret how life ebbs and flows, and how the potentials we have within come to life. Astrology can help us see and acknowledge different parts, patterns and programming in ourselves, some of which might be subconscious whispers or something that seems to be operating under the surface. In general, acknowledging that we all do have many different sides to ourselves, and accepting that they are just how they should be, can bring great relief. 

Astrology operates on the hermetic principle of “as above, so below”. This principle supposes that everything in the universe is created out of the same energetic building blocks, and that each of us is a microcosm that is a representation of the macrocosm. Everything we experience in our external lives, is a representation of our internal worlds. Therefore, bringing change about in our lives is most effectively done by bringing the related internal energies closer to balance - and this is something astrology can help with.


I initially utilized tropical astrology, but have migrated to astronomical astrology, also called true sky astrology, which is based on where the planets are actually located. Western astrology most commonly utilizes the tropical zodiac, which locks down the 12 zodiacal constellations into an even 30 degrees each based on the solstices and equinoxes. However, this is not an accurate representation of the live sky where constellations differ in size, and may have void spaces in between or sometimes overlap. Also, the further time passes, the less accurate of a representation the tropical system is of where the planets are located in the sky - currently about 24 degrees off. 

Tropical and astronomical astrology both represent existing layers of reality, however, the tropical one a much more arbitrarily constructed one at that. I have gained tremendous learnings from using tropical astrology, but feel that the reality of true sky charts takes us even further towards the true essence of who we are and what times we are living in. The sky is a living being and also astrology, along with technological advances, transforms along with the times. 


My excitement for sharing astrology with others stems from how much it’s given to me personally: 

First and foremost, from astrology, I’ve gained deeper and more multifaceted insight into who I am than what I’ve gained from any previous approach. More so, it’s been a confirmation of what I intuitively knew to be true about myself but didn’t know how or dare to put into words. I’ve also understood meanings of events and relationships in hindsight. All of this has given me a ton of trust in a grander scheme of things, clarity on how to make decisions in life, what direction to continue my journey into, and what to focus on when, to really be able to go with the flow of contemporary energies.

Secondly, I hugely value that astrology is the opposite of a one-size-fits-all type of prescription: it’s uniquely tailored insight into each individual human and their soul’s path. It does not assume that one thing that works for someone would work for another, but respects that each of us is on our own path and has come to learn different things in this specific life. Gaining a glimpse into the wider complexity and varied nature of the human experience has helped me personally in honoring the variety of human existence and building compassion towards others in how they choose to live their lives.

Imagine what it would feel like...

Imagine what it would feel like to live in such a natural flow of life that you wouldn't need to doubt yourself or hesitate about where you spend your energy at any given time.

What it would feel like to trust that you are exactly as you should be, and your life is exactly where it should be. For even difficulties and challenges to feel purposeful.


What it would feel like to be able live a full life in this very moment, exactly as you are now.

Misty Forest Reflection

Does this describe your life right now? Absolutely awesome! Not quite? No worries. Inner Compass astrology and coaching can support you both on your inner journey and in your everyday life:

Letting go of...

🙅shackled images of a certain "right" way to live life or judging yourself/others when you deviate from this 🙅feeling that your life lacks direction or meaning, or that life is wasting away 🙅beating yourself up when things don't go the way you want, or you feel like you've failed at something 🙅constant doubts or uncertainty about whether you should be doing this or that instead… 🙅mental energy slipping through your fingers, wasted on constant re-prioritization of to-do lists in your mind 🙅powerlessness over not being able to do anything about your internal, limiting programming, i.e. emotional blocks, thought patterns or ways of acting 🙅compulsive need to control external reality in order to gain inner acceptance or peace

Instead, you'll experience more...

🥰understanding and appreciation for the individuality and inner diversity of yourself and others, with their strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and challenges 🥰awareness of your own programming, i.e. your ways of feeling, thinking and acting, and the ability to live with them to your benefit 🥰understanding of the impact you have on the people in your life and that they have on you - and tools to improve these relationships 🥰compassion and gentleness towards yourself even when things don't go as expected 🥰ability to see connections between events and understand the deeper meaning behind them 🥰increased trust in your own direction, your inner wisdom and your heart's voice, i.e. the guidance of your own inner compass 🥰confidence to make choices that look like you and move toward your own direction in life 🥰trust that you are spending your time and energy on the right things 🥰ability to let go of control and surrender to the waves of life, trusting that things will work out as they should 🥰inner peace and the ability to be more present in the moment: for yourself and your loved ones

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