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Your Living Legacy astrocoaching growth program

Want to create your personal playbook for your living, thriving legacy?


Join me for an astrological deep dive into 

…your creational energies

….what makes you come alive

…what your unique gifts are as well as 

…what the legacy you want to both be a living example of as well as leave behind of your life is!


The process supports the strengthening of both your inner feminine insight and creativity as well as your inner masculine processes, structures, goals and taking action. You will develop your understanding of how to invest your sacred resources, money, time and creative life force in a soul-aligned, heart-centered, sustainable manner.


The astrocoaching growth process consists of 4 video call sessions of 1h30min each, with a playbook to support you along the way. The playbook contains reflection prompts and other small exercises to keep the process going in between sessions, and broken-down steps that we will be taking towards your living legacy roadmap! It is recommended that you reserve 2-3h in between sessions for these exercises - the more you invest into your process, the more you get out of it!💖



Please read more about the astrocoaching growth program on its own page here! 



💳  The following CAMPAIGN PRICING is valid

until June 30, 2024 


❇️ 777 EUR - for those willing to start the process in July-August 2024

❇️ 555 EUR - for those willing to start the process in September 2024


Select your desired start month to apply the corresponding discount to your price!



Sessions 1 and 2 are about building awareness and understanding, session 3 about setting a vision for your living legacy, and session 4 about creating your very own living legacy roadmap, a plan broken down into actionable steps: 


Session 1: Your birth chart: Who are you? Where do you come from? 

Astrology is a powerful tool for personal discovery and growth. Each of us is a unique composition of all the astrological energies, not just our Sun sign. A birth chart reading is a collaborative discussion around how and in which areas of your life these energies are present. Strengths, potential challenges, and patterns are looked at, as well as potential growth paths to a living legacy, creation and guardianship.


We discuss the impact of different areas of your life on your legacy, including of course your identity, your worldviews, mindsets, career and passions, but also for example health, resources and relationships. Everything in life is about right relationship: to ourselves, to our loved ones, to our broader community and environment, each of these impacting the other. We discuss what the roots are that you are building on in this life, and what role you optimally see your relationships playing in your living legacy. 


I use astronomical astrology, based on the true sky, actual location of objects in the sky at the moment of your birth.


Session 2: Your current life timings: Which parts of your life’s cycles are active currently?

The current life timings component provides a look into which energies and cycles are affecting you at a given time, and allows further discussion on opportunities and challenges you may have been, are, or will be working with in the near future. Progressions, transits, and solar return charts are looked at to build a comprehensive picture of where you are at in different cycles.


Progressions represent cycles of evolution that we are going through internally. For example, the progressed lunation cycle represents 30ish-year cycles in our lives, helping us identify which phase or season of the waxing and waning cycle we are currently in. Transits represent ‘astrological weather’ that is affecting us currently / for shorter periods of time. Finally, solar return charts - new ‘birth charts’ for each year - actualize which themes of life are in focus for you in a given year from one birthday to the next. This gives you a better understanding of where you are at and what it’s time for in the grander scheme of building your legacy. 


Session 3:  What are you here to create? What is your living legacy? 

We work further to outline your vision for your living legacy, using everything learned from the above sessions in regards to your strengths, gifts, dispositions, and causes you care about most in this world. We take into further consideration everything you have learned along your path in life so far, and where you are right now in regards to where you want to go. 


Session 4: Your living legacy roadmap 

In this final session, we break down your vision for your living legacy into your very own roadmap of concrete action steps to start taking in various areas of your life to start making progress towards your goals! 


Each person’s process is unique, based on which the sessions will also be further tailored. Let’s jump into creating a playbook and roadmap for your living, thriving legacy!

All my services come with a money back guarantee for 14 days after delivery (in the case of the consultation series, 14 days after the first consultation), if you are not satisfied.


Any questions? Reach out to

Your Living Legacy astrocoaching growth program

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