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Synastry consultation

Astrology is a powerful tool for self-understanding and personal growth, as well as growth in relationships. Each of us is a unique mix of archetypal building blocks and energies. The way that our energies work together with another’s energies, varies greatly - that is why different people activate different sides in us. Synastry is the astrology of exploring what any two people touch, activate, trigger, strengthen and mirror in each other - whether positively, negatively or anything in between.


This reading examines the interplay of energies between two people, e.g. romantic or business partners, child and parent, other family members or friends. The topics of conversation can include


✅ ways of communicating and acting together

✅ understanding and coordinating of needs and motivations

✅ your roles within your relationship and other repeating models of behavior and thought

✅ the resources and growth paths that your relationships provides for each of you

✅ the challenges and opportunities that your relationship activates for each of you.


I use true sky, astronomical astrology in my readings.


You will be requested to provide the exact birth time to the minute as well as birth place (city, state, country) for both of you when booking the time for the consultation. The consultation is a collaborative discussion done via video call, lasting 1h 45min - 2h. You have the option of recording the call and will receive pdf’s of your birth charts after the consultation.


You are warmly welcome❤️

Synastry consultation

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