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Astrology is a powerful tool for personal discovery and growth. Each of us is a unique composition of all the astrological energies, not just our Sun sign. A birth chart reading is a collaborative discussion around how and in which areas of your life these energies are present. The reading contains main themes such as identity, relationships and career or life mission more broadly. Strengths, potential challenges, and patterns are looked at, as well as potential growth paths to live a life more in alignment with oneself. I use the true sky astrological system, based on the actual location of objects in the sky at the moment of your birth.


The current life timings component provides a look into which energies and cycles are affecting you at a given time, and allows further discussion on opportunities and challenges you may have been, are, or will be working with in the near future. Progressions, transits, and solar return charts are looked at to build a comprehensive picture of where you are at in different cycles.


Progressions represent cycles of evolution that we are going through internally. For example, the progressed lunation cycle represents 30ish-year cycles in our lives, helping us identify which phase or season of the waxing and waning cycle we are currently in. Transits represent ‘astrological weather’ that is affecting us currently / for shorter periods of time. Finally, solar return charts - new ‘birth charts’ for each year - actualize which themes of life are in focus for you in a given year from one birthday to the next. 


The reading consists of a video call session of approximately 2h with the option to record the call. You will receive pdfs of your birth chart, progressed chart, solar return chart and progressed lunar phases report.


I look forward to diving into your energies with you!

Birth chart reading + current life timings

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