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Free self-coaching workbook as a thank you gift to newsletter subscribers!

Strengthen your own life force through the elements and astrological signs

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How alive are the elements within you? How is your unique mix of elements and astrological energies (signs) coming to life? Is there something you want more of, something you want less of?


The self-coaching workbook helps you reflect on your life force through balancing out the elements within:

  • Is your inner fire & motivation burning strong?

  • Is your inner earth - life’s practical realities - set up to support your creational energies?

  • Is your inner air - your mental capacity and social skills - flowing freely?

  • Is also your inner water - your emotions and intuition - flowing to bring you connection and wisdom beyond the rational mind?

  • Are you connected to your inner aether - that elixir of life - to heal and transcend repeating cycles and limiting patters?


Wishing you insightful, strengthening, balancing moments with yourself,


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